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Utility Bill Audit & Monitoring 

Utility Bill Audit & Monitoring

Utility Bill Audit

To find cost savings, a bill audit will need to be completed by one of our expert engineers. To begin the audit, we will need a signed utility consent form which will be provided to you. This will allow Turning Point Co. to access your past utility bills to perform the audit:

  • Analyze 24, 36, 42 or 48 months of past utility bills and find every error, charge, rate, or fee that was incorrectly charged or can be reduced in the future*

  • Present a Utility Cost Reduction Recommendation Report that specifies total refund and future monthly savings values, and how the recommendations will reduce the utility bill**

  • Prepare and submit all necessary documents and reports needed to implement the recommendations that you have approved

  • Act as a point of contact to ensure all recommendations go into effect to reduce your monthly utility bill

* Amount of utility bills analyzed will depend on the state of the facility

**A Site visit may be needed depending on Turning Point Co.’s recommendations

Are you paying the correct amount on your Utility Bill?

There are many charges, rates and fees that are on your monthly utility bill. Certain line items can be reduced or completely removed. Each state has specific rules and requirements on how the utility bill can be changed or lowered, it is up to the consumer to make these changes. This is where Turning Point Co. has the expertise to assist.

How we reduce your Utility Bill

  • Actual Usage Vs Billed Usage

  • Taxes & Fees

  • Power Factor or Reactive Power

  • Rate Schedule Changes

  • Billing Errors 

  • 3rd Party Procurement

  • Time-of-use

At Turning Point Co. we have experienced professionals who are continuously keeping tabs on state and utility regulations and rules in order to get you the lowest possible utility bill and a refund check.

Utility Bill Monitoring

After implementing the approved recommendations, Turning Point Co. will continue to monitor your monthly bills in order to:

  • Verify recommended changes go into effect

  • Analyze the bill for additional recommendations and/or errors

  • Deliver a Monthly Monitoring Report that will show what your monthly cost savings are

Ready to Start Saving Money on Your Utility Bill

Click Here or call 1-385-355-1497 to contact one of our professionals

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