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Remotely or in person, our staff has the sleuthing ability coupled with technical skills to identify low cost behavioral, maintenance, and operational activities.   Whether a set-point change, sensor calibration, equipment scheduling, and maintenance tune-ups, our rigorous data analytics can prove you will achieve energy cost savings through low cost activities that fall under the threshold for approval within your existing Operational Expenditure Budget.  

Slow down the Utility Meter


Equipment purchases that will have long lasting impacts and will meet the financial requirements of your Capital Expenditure Budget, and the Operational Needs of your facility through the right specifications. 

Strategic Energy Management
Predomiannt Use Study


How to Become Tax Exempt and Receive a Refund 

To receive a Utility Sales Tax Exemption and Refund a predominant use study needs to be performed which analyzes your company’s electricity, natural gas and water usage and determines the percentage of utility usage that qualifies for State, County and City sales tax exemption. A report is created by Turning Point Co. engineers which contains a detailed description of the facilities equipment, outlining the hours of operations, utilization and overall energy consumption. The report accompanies the state specific tax exception form and is summited to the state. Qualified businesses will then have their utility meter marked as exempt and receive a refund on the past 2 - 4 years of overpaid utility sales tax. 

Which Industries Qualify? 

The qualifications to receive a tax exemption and refund vary state by state. See the list of states to the right and industries below that may qualify: 
•    Manufacturing
•    Agricultural 
•    Oil, Gas & Mining Operations
•    Nursing Homes, retirement homes and assisted living centers
•    Food & Beverage processers
•    Restaurants  
•    Hotels

"I want to thank you guys. We had a great learning experience and a great opportunity to save our company money! 
You all were exceptional teachers and made this process so much easier than we thought it might be!"

- Sheila Peterson

Aurora Pharmaceutical

Exempt States:

  • Arkansas 

  • Colorado 

  • Connecticut 

  • Florida 

  • Georgia 

  • Indiana 

  • Iowa 

  • Kansas 

  • Maryland 

  • Massachusetts 

  • Michigan 

  • Minnesota 

  • Missouri 

  • Nebraska 

  • New York 

  • North Carolina

  • Oklahoma 

  • Pennsylvania 

  • Rhode Island 

  • Tennessee 

  • Texas 

  • Utah 

  • Vermont 

  • Wisconsin 

  • Wyoming 

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