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See How You Can Save Money on Your Wastewater Projects!

Updated: Oct 5, 2020


Saving Money through Wastewater Projects


Project Duration 3 Years 8 Months Energy Savings 1,799,319 kWh

Annual Cost Savings $215,000 Project Cost $630,000

The Project– This project involved replacing the existing mechanical aerators with more efficient fine pore bubble diffusers with turbo blowers. Energy savings resulted from the increased oxygen transfer efficiency of the fine pore diffuser system. Turning Point engineers partnered with a contractor and the municipal utility to provide an independent third-party energy and cost evaluation to ensure that the project planned by the municipality would meet municipal investment criteria for bond issuance

Our engineer’s hourly wastewater and solar PV model determined that 100% of the energy savings were realized and were eligible for utility incentives. The municipal customer and its constituents are happy to be saving 37% of their energy costs while utilizing on-site renewable power generation to perform a vital environmental service.

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