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  • Q: Can I do the Audit & Monitoring work myself?
    A: Similar to doing your taxes without a CPA or selling your house without a realtor, yes it can be done, but without the right expertise it can be confusing, time consuming, and if not done correctly costly. Turning Point Co. has specific industry experience in state tax codes, regulations, and rules, as well as the engineering expertise that is required for the burden of proof that is needed from the State Department of Revenue and utility companies. Working with Turning Point ensures that you maximize the reduction on your utility bill and that you receive work that is compliant with all specific state laws.
  • Q: What are Turning Point Co.’s fees?
    A: Contingent on savings. If there is no utility bill savings, no fees are paid to Turning Point Co. Turning Point Co. fee is only charged to client after client obtains the exemption and refund (if any).
  • Q: Does the utility company already monitor the bill?
    A: Every utility company is required to bill a variety of charges, rate, and fees to the customer, but there are certain types of companies and industries that are exempt. The utility company does not promote or assist the customer in reducing or removing unnecessary taxes or fees. It is up to the customer to provide documentation and evidence to the State Department of Revenue and Utility company to prove that the taxes and fees should not be paid.
  • Q: What is my involvement in the Audit phase?
    A: Turning Point will need roughly 3-4 days over the span of 3 months to complete the Audit phase. This includes signing e-documents that will allow us to access past billing data and be your representative to the State Department of Revenue and if needed accesses to the facility to collect equipment data and ask operational questions.
  • Q: What is my involvement in the Monitoring Phase?
    A: Roughly 1 hour a month to review the delivered Monitoring Report that quantifies the utility cost savings. Specifically, the Monitoring Report will identify the cost savings versus the base case to ensure the approved Recommendations obtain savings.
  • Q: How are future savings calculated on the Utility Monitoring Report?
    A: Every month Turning Point Co. will receive the new utility bill and insert the data into our specialized tool. The tool analyzes the data and quantifies the utility costs savings. The Monitoring Report is then created which visualizes the cost savings versus the base case ensuring the recommendations provided by Turning Point are in affect.
  • Q: When does the Monitoring period expire?
    A: Turning Point Co. will monitor each utility bill for an agreed upon length. Some states require certain forms or documents to be renewed every three years and in that case that is how long the monitoring period will last.
  • Q: How long will it take to see a refund or a reduction?
    A: Once all of the necessary documents are signed and submitted to the utility a reduction will be seen on the next utility bill. If a refund is possible, it will take 2 to 3 months to be processed. Turning Point Co. will act as the point of contact to ensure the utility bill reduction and or refund is realized.
  • Q: Will the Utility Bill Audit & Monitoring process change production?
    A: No, the recommendations given by Turning Point Co. will only change the utility bill and not change any production or operations. There are scenarios where specific equipment operations can be altered to reduce energy consumed, while monitoring operations and production necessary to meet your business needs (Retro-Commissioning). Our team will let you know if that is the case and will request approval before moving forward.
  • Q: Are the saving solutions provided permanent?
    A: Most cases yes, the changes will be permanent but there are special cases where documents and reports will need to be renewed every few years or if there are major changes to the facility. Our team will let you know if that is the case.

Utility Bill Audit & Monitoring

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