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Energy Management

Energy Management

Turning Point Co. believes that every business that experiences significant energy and utility costs deserves to have access to an energy manager.  We provide the expertise to understand the yearly, seasonal, monthly, weekly, and daily trends in energy AND power (demand) consumption at your facility.  We make recommendations on how to better manage not just how much you use, but when you use it. 

Whether you are desiring to start the first steps of energy management, or reach a national or globally recognized certification, Turning Point Co has the skill and expertise to make it happen.  This way your company can realize the positive business results without having to recruit, hire and staff an energy management expert.  Energy Management starts with the first act of monitoring and tracking of energy costs and usage over time, which can become a crucial tool boost cost-competitiveness through certifications such as ISO 50001


We utilize the Plan-Do-Check-Act management system with a healthy dose of Wash-Rinse-Repeat to continually manage the energy to drive down costs.  Our staff is able to source energy at a competitive prices; train production, operations, or maintenance staff in how to incorporate the energy performance into their day-to-day; and perform an energy treasure hunt with facilitation of action items on the backside.  Most organizations benefit from the engagement of staff who is professionally training in energy management, whether it be annually, quarterly, or monthly.  A good place to start is this energy management checklist and contacting Turning Point Co directly to speak with our energy management staff. 

Click Here or call 1-385-355-1497 to contact one of our Energy Management professionals

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